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Rotationally Molded Products

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Once your product is molded, C-PAK can offer all finish, assembly, and shipping services.  These include:  routing; drilling; machining for tight tolerance applications; hardware assembly; specialized packaging; and drop shipment services.  Many of our customer's do not even see their products before they are shipped to their end customer or warehouse.   

Quality Assurance

Since we are a custom molder, every product we manufacture has customized manufacturing specifications developed for it.  No matter if we produce 1 part a year or 10,000 parts per year - all products will be produced following the exact step by step instructions for molding, finish, assembly, quality inspection, packaging, and shipment.  Every product we make is different - so everything we do is documented.  Many of our customers are ISO certified and thus require supporting documentation from us for the manufacture of their products.  Every employee has inspection responsibilities so that any issue can be identified as soon as possible.




Then the finished products are inspected again before they are packaged to assure our customers receive the products they are expecting.


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